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BUL Armory Limited 1 year Warranty Agreement

Bul Armory proudly manufacture specialized custom made handguns for many years.
Our guns are built to the highest standards with a strict quality control process to ensure that our product will leave
our factory at the highest quality and craftsmanship. Bul Armory will service any defect in material or functioning of
the pistol for full 1 year from the date of purchasing by original owner caused under normal use.
Bul Armory will repair or replace defective parts according to its own discretion after evaluating each claim.
Responsibility and expenses for shipping and handling of the pistol to our service center and back to the customer
will be applied on the customer only. Warranty for coating will be valid for 6 months for original owner only for defects, excluding damages or wear and tear or abuse.
Warranty will not be valid on the following cases:
• Improper use or abuse of the pistol or its parts.
• Improper use of ammunition (use of improper ammunition or reloaded ammunition or hand loaded ammunition
will void the warranty).
• Lack of maintenance or negligence of the pistol.
• Any change of parts of the pistol (including cosmetics) or service made by other than BUL ARMORY
authorized gunsmith.
• Damage caused by normally wear and tear.
• The use of non-original factory magazine.
Bul Armory will not be held responsible for any damage or expenses direct or in-direct accrued due to this warranty.
Bul Armory will not be responsible for any damage or malfunction to any accessory or item attached to the pistol or
related to it.
Bul Armory reserve its right to charge for any repair not covered by this warranty.
This warranty is not transferable to any other person but the original buyer.

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